Domicilary Care​​​
Your local Direct Payment home care provider

Minimum of half hour visits
Passion to provide local people with reassurance and support is why we started our domiciliary care, or care at home, service. We understand that considering care to meet yours or a loved one’s needs can be overwhelming and unnerving but we are here to help. We don’t just provide care, we provide people with independence, reassurance and the ability to live well. Through our services, people can keep the freedom of their lives, remaining at home with a sense of security for both their relatives and themselves. 

Our care is tailored to each individual, ensuring that their own specific needs are met. Supporting people with all aspects of personal care, medication support, nutritional encouragement as well as anything else that they may feel they need assistance with are just a few of the ways our services can help. Working with our clients and their families, we will build a person-centred care plan enabling our team to provide care in the most respectful and dignified way. We will provide as many or as few visits as you need for as long as you need them.  

Although not always possible, we aim to reduce the level of care that people require, enabling them to live more independently through the use of community outreach services and physical aids. We provide regular and familiar carers to ensure a consistent service and allowing for better relationships.  

End of life is something a lot of people do not like discussing but it is something we should all plan for. We provide an empathetic and attentive end of life care service ensuring that people can live out the rest of their lives at home. 

Our care services are well established and exclusive to the Over-Wyre villages of Hambleton, Stalmine, Knott End-on-Sea and Preesall with our fantastic reputation known throughout the community, we are here to help you. It’s your home, your care, your choice.
Regular and familiar carers 
Guaranteed visit times 
Weekly schedules letting you know who is visiting
Electronic Monitoring System to ensure we never miss a visit
Highly trained and passionate carers
Personalised plans of care
Medication assistance
Personal, dementia and palliative care
Accompanied doctors and hospital visits
Wheelchair accessible vehicle
We don't charge extra for weekends or evenings!
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You Care, We Care

It's all about you...

Things change, we get that. We are committed to keeping up with those changes to make sure the service you receive meets all your current needs. 
Each month a member of our care liaison team will arrange to visit you to update your care plan. These visits will only be short but they are paramount in ensuring you receive up to date, personalised care.  The same care liaison member will attend each of your review visits allowing you to build a relationship of trust and confidence.

We aim to get to know you a little bit more with each of your reviews. 

It doesn't matter to us how your care is being funded, what matters is that you get to live your life fully. Everything that is important to you is as equally important to us.