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    I got into care previously on a one to one basis working for a lady privately in Scotland. I enjoyed helping her so when we moved back to Knott End I came to work at Kepplegate. I find the job rewarding but also challenging, it is what keeps me motivated.
    Dawn Shepherd, Housekeeper
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    I chose to do care as my career as I have always enjoyed caring for people. I got my job at Kepplegate the day I moved to Preesall and it is the only job I have had that I find rewarding. I hope to be able to further my care career one day.
    Sam Delamere-Thornton, Domiciliary
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    I started in care about 6 years ago but after 2 years I decided to travel and pursue other careers. 4 years later I realised how much I missed care work - Kepplegate speciffically- so I came back and it's like I have never left. It's the most fulfilling and rewarding job and I wouldn't change it for the world.
    Louise Biggins, Domiciliary
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    I fell into care accidentally when a friend asked me if I could help out in a local home for a week. I told them "Non" as it was something I had never considered doing. Long story short - they asked again and I said yes. 34 years and a couple of moves I am still in care, working now at Kepplegate and I'm still loving it.
    Hazel Mining, Residential
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    I chose this apprenticeship as my career as I want to develop my skills and I felt like this was my best opportunity to do so.
    Sam Mcaughey, Business Apprentice
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    I beleive everybody is entitled to somebody trustworthy and approachable to care for them should they need it. I like to think that I make the day's of the people I care for easier (hopefully a bit brighter) and enable them to live the lives they want to.
    Susan Eastwood, Domiciliary
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    I wasn't too sure of my career path once I had left college but I got offered a night care post in a nursing home and instantly fell in love with care.
    Kerry Heaton, Domiciliary
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    I got in to care to give back to the people that shaped our country and who fought for us in the wars. I want to make at least one person smile each day.
    Becky Delamere-Thornton, Residential
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    Started Care Work as a Domiciliary Carer 5 years ago at Kepplegate after working in N.H.S as a Staff Nurse. Took early retirement from that after 30 years service due to illness, but still wanted to do some sort of care work, it was the best thing I ever did as the Kepplegate team are an amazing in the delivery of care and feel really proud to work with a diverse and dedicated group of people who care for local people in their own homes
    David Stoney, Domciliary
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