Community Meal Delivery


3 Course £5.25

3 Course Large £6

Add a tea with your lunch for £1.25!
We are so proud of the food we serve in our care home we are excited to be able to offer it to the community. Cooking your favourite meals can become increasingly difficult as you get older and microwave meals just don’t bring the same enjoyment as a proper home cooked dinner. Our community meals are all cooked fresh with almost 50% of our meat coming from The Hindquarter Butchers 

Available 7 days a week, 365 days a year, our meals are unbeatably priced and delivered hot, right to your table. Our three course meals provide nutrition and satisfaction to the Over-Wyre villages of Hambleton, Stalmine, Knott End-on-Sea and Preesall and are cooked fresh each day in our consistently rated level 5 Kitchen.  

The meal consists of three courses; 

Soup of the Day
Main course

For an extra charge, we also provide a sandwich alongside the three-course meal as an option for tea. All meals are delivered over the lunch period in a thermostatically controlled environment ensuring you get the best quality food at the right temperature. 

Our free delivery service doesn’t stop at the knock of your door. With permission we will come in and plate your dinner up for you, making sure you are OK and liaising with your family or carers if there are any concerns. Our meal service truly looks after the people who use it.

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