The Kepplegate Vision...

Kepplegate care services will remove worry and fear and replace it with reassurance and comfort. For the Over-Wyre community, we will grow our services to allow us to provide outstanding care to all those who need it. We will create opportunities for local people to join our genuinely caring, community driven team. We are the only care company you need to speak to about you or your loved one’s needs.

Our 5-year Vision...
We believe in communicating honestly so we want to take a moment to share with you our business vision for the next 5 years and how we are going to make it a reality.
By the end of 2017 we will have adapted our care home to include a reception and a brand-new bedroom where the old upstairs office used to be. The living room will also be completely redecorated.
Although we love our new floral arrangement, by the end of this year we will have a new seating area installed at the front of the building. This will be a decking structure allowing visitors and residents to enjoy time together outside.
Our new website and brand will be fully cemented across all our media platforms and we will have a fresh and modern sign installed at the front of the building.
Community awareness sessions will be established, inviting our service users, their families and friends, and local residents of the community to our training room to learn more about the specific areas of care.
The home will always be fully occupied and day care will increase to at least two visitors a day. We believe this will allow for a more social environment.
Finally, we will have a coherent company structure, ensuring that everyone in the Kepplegate family are aware of their job roles and responsibilities allowing for a high quality, branded experience.
We will maintain our level 5 rated kitchen and our good rating with CQC (though reaching outstanding is our goal). The home will continue to be fully occupied and our day care visitors will increase to 3 a day. We will convert the old downstairs office and adjoining bedroom to create a second lounge. Our domiciliary service will expand to a steady 450 hours, allowing us to meet the needs of more people in our local community. Our service occupancy will be promoted through our various social medias.
We will design a brand-new back garden area for our residents merging our current back garden with that of the bungalow. There will be a seating area as well as sensory stimulation and dementia friendly areas.
The home will become more environmentally friendly by July of 2018 as all the lighting will have been changed to LED lighting, this will save energy and money allowing us to reinvest more into our services.
We will introduce a new style community event that we will host for the local community as well as continuing to participate in the national care home open day and hosting our annual garden party.
Our service satisfaction process will increase to include frequent service user and resident forums.
Finally, 2018 will see the finalisation of the Kepplegate Brand, a standardised Kepplegate Way of operations which will ensure consistent quality across all our services. 
Our domiciliary service will be operating at 500 hours and we will be offering bespoke end of life care in the community ensuring people can die at home with dignity and respect. Our care home and day care will maintain their occupancy.
We will develop a dementia focus for the care home to meet the increased need for dementia services in the local area and our pilot schemes “Comforting Messages” and “VR Therapy” will be implemented.
Our community events will be an annual occurrence and our community awareness sessions will be fully booked and in high demand.
We will actively search for and become involved in pilot schemes and initiatives that will benefit the lives and wellbeing of all our service users and team members.
Finally, our social media presence will be fully established with a fully operational and inspiring YouTube channel.
 By the end of 2021 we will be rated outstanding by CQC and will continue to hold a level 5 rated kitchen. Our care home will be designed to improve the lives of all people living with dementia and our domiciliary service will be meeting the needs of the local community, able to increase to accommodate for new packages on a regular basis.
Our comforting message scheme and our VR therapy will be established throughout the care home and a brief will be written to offer the knowledge and findings of the initiatives to other homes to help improve the lives of everyone with dementia.
We will have hosted a workshop at least one CCG Care Home Engagement event and be confident in the strength of our brand.
When 2021 draws to a close it will already be the first year of a new 5-year vision. We will always look forwards to progress and adapt and we will always have a 5-year plan ahead of us.
You Care, We Care